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Christmas express

New Year advertisement of the company with Fedor Smolov

To develop promo mechanics to increase the loyalty of the existing customer base and attract new ones



The advertising campaign ordered by BC 1xStavka was to reach two main targets: to increase the number of bets in the pre- and post-holiday periods, and also to have a pleasant New Year's activity, attracting both current and new customers of the company. And if with the second category it was clear - we need cool gifts, for which it’s not a sin to combat without getting up from the couch, then with the first ones it was a bit more complicated. It was necessary to come up with a simple but interesting game mechanics. To make it understandable to new customers and attractive to old ones. Without going into details, we did it. The number of bets during the holiday grew up by 8%, and the number of registrations by 3%. For the gambling industry it is a big result and even a breakthrough.

Search for the best promo ambassador for shooting a commercial and use in graphic materials.The formation of the prize fund



We need a good ambassador to successfully promote the action. Of course, we could find any person suitable for these purposes, but since our company conducts all sponsorship projects of BC 1xStavka with Lokomotiv, Krasnodar and Zenit, we proposed that the client to take Fedor Smolov as ambassador. He has an impeccable reputation, was the main striker of the Russian national team and Fedor himself is an exceptionally nice person. But the most important thing is that under the contract with Lokomotiv we had an option for shooting advertising that was not yet activated. 
So we not only got a cool ambassador for the advertising campaign, but also saved a decent amount of money for the client. Our task, after all, is not to deal with the marketing budgets - but to do our job well. And as colleagues have said, it was done well. The prize draw took place live and all the winners went on a well-deserved vacation at the expense of BC 1xStavka.


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