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Mobile app for clubs // for sponsors // for fans

Save time and club budgets through an unprecedented subscription system

Sports app-constructor

Focusing on the top cases in the industry, we have developed a unique project:
The club mobile application with subscription "Crespo" (Create Sport) is an operational launch of digital products for fans and a wide range of tools for partners and sponsors.

Crespo is a mobile application for iOS and Android with a unique design, a built-in loyalty program, advertising and push notification management tools, as well as a mobile analytics system, an administrative panel/CMS, integration with CRM systems, and automated transmission of statistical data.

Advantages of the "Crespo" application:

Advantages of the "Crespo" application:

Increase in profits
The app expands the possibilities of communication between sponsors and the audience: clubs can realize their current contractual obligations without losses, as well as attract new partners and receive additional income from advertising, promotion of stadium events, and ticket sales/store goods.

Audience expansion and engagement
The app makes it possible to reactivate old fans and attract new ones through referral and social mechanics. It also helps to increase loyalty to the club and sponsors through high-quality interaction with the audience: a user-friendly interface, interactive mechanics, and smart notifications.

Only the necessary functionality
We have developed a unique and unprecedented app for the Russian sports industry! 
Our project is an intriguing offer with the option of connection services in one click. Each sports club can create an optimal set of options for a product designer, based on its budget and priorities.
A monthly subscription fee, the cost of which is several times lower than the cost of developing the application, allows clubs of any level to use the application.

Clubs can supplement the product with modules that increase user engagement and enable additional sponsorship revenue. At the moment, we have developed several subscription levels available for clubs:

1. An application with an administrative content control panel.
2. The "forecasts" module
That is an advanced interface of the "Match" section, which is integrated into the app! It allows users to participate in all kinds of activities, earn points and receive prizes from the club: leave predictions for the outcome of the match, take quizzes, or vote for the best player of their favorite team.
3. The Augmented Reality module
That is a section of the application where users can interact with the virtual content of the club, such as 3D players, cups/awards, or filter masks with club attributes - interactive elements allow you to create entertaining content.
The augmented reality module can act as a separate SDK package for integration into existing applications.

At the moment, we are in the process of developing new modules — their release will take place before 2023. The next step will be to create an application website.

The club's development of its app may take 1-2 years and require large one-time costs. With our project, any club will be able to release its application in the store within 2 months after the conclusion of the contract.

Project technology stack: Ruby, Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, Swift, Kotlin, Unity.

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