Leningrad - Eksponat. Sports parody




Leningrad - Eksponat

An advertising parody of the entire Russian football with the integration of the bookmaker's brand

We scored views without preparation

The pursuit of happiness

Client’s request:
We saw a great opportunity for an advertising experiment and invited the brand to participate in it.

Leningrad's song "Exhibit" became a national hit, and the clip gained one million views after another, and we wanted to make a parody of it.

The 1xBet brand perfectly fit into the sports theme of our video, so we offered the bookmaker integration.

We were interested in organic promotion — what kind of coverage can we get without investments?

It was necessary to act immediately, until the newsbreak — the clip for the Leningrad song — has not lost its relevance. We wrote a script, presented the idea for 1xBet and received approval. The production of the video from the idea to the premiere took 3 days.

For the viral video, we chose the tactic of "the pursuit of happiness". The main character of our parody is an ordinary guy who fell in love with a star, announced the video in his social networks as the only chance to become happy: to attract the attention of Yulia Topolnitskaya and invite her on a date.

The touching funny story was supposed to arouse the audience's sympathy and desire to help, namely, to share the video as much as possible.

The plan worked:
- The clip got a lot of reposts and mentions
- First million views in 48 hours;
- 2.1 million views on our sites;


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