«1XSTAVKA & HC LOCOMOTIVE» - a new project from 9 Pandas agency



Partnership agreements


Partnership with the main sports group of Yaroslavl

Active Partnership Agreement


The agreement is valid for 3 seasons 2022-2025.

Client’s request:
1. To conduct an analysis of the Kontinental Hockey League in order to find the best partner for long-term cooperation and the client's access to the audience of Russian hockey;
2. Reach a new audience in the regions of interest to the client, expand the geography of the brand's presence;
3. To build further cooperation with the sports organization in such a way that fans and residents of the city will see the contribution of the 1st stage to the development of the club and careful attitude to its audience.

Conclude a partnership agreement with HC Lokomotiv Yaroslavl.
- The club is the main sports organization of the city, it has a huge audience, many awards, a rich history and real sports potential;
- The population of Yaroslavl — 600+ thousand people - loves hockey;
- The management of HC Lokomotiv Yaroslavl is actively working with the audience and the club's social networks.
Within the framework of the partnership agreement has already been developed and implemented:
- A special loyalty program with various digital activities and sweepstakes, including season tickets and VIP box tickets.
- A large-scale BTL campaign, in which 4,000 fans received scarves with the club's branding and a 1x Bet.
- Video-announcement of the signing of the partnership agreement.
Planned activation of the partnership agreement:
- A joint branded march of the club and a 1x Bet for sale and sweepstakes in social networks of organizations.
- A number of BTL-promotions on New Year's theme with gifts.
- Convenient and functional landing page with detailed statistics and voting for the best player or the best puck of the month. Participants will be able to win tickets to the VIP box, and the best players will receive exclusive prizes from 1 part-time.

- Thanks to the partnership with HC Lokomotiv Yaroslavl, we loudly announced the client not only in the city, but also in the entire region.
- Our expectations are coming true: the club shows excellent results at the start of the season and attracts a new audience.
- Matches are regularly broadcast on the federal channel Match TV; 4,000 fans in scarves with the branding of 1хSTAVKA walk around Yaroslavl.


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