1xBet and the Disney Princess - a new project from 9 Pandas agency



Video Production

1xBet and the Disney Princess

The fairytale-like way to highlight brand products

Casino, poker, songs, and animals

A musical for a bookmaker

Client’s request
Shoot a video with the ambassador Eva Elfie, and show the main products of the brand: sports betting, casino, poker, and esports slots.

The video announcing the new ambassador, where Eva meets her boyfriend's parents in a warm family atmosphere, was very liked by the audience. The audience was impressed with the opportunity to see the actress in such unusual circumstances.

Therefore, in the next video, we placed the girl in an even more unexpected situation for the viewer — in a Disney fairy tale.
A suitable plot to tell about each 1xBet product and please the brand's audience again: modern princess Eva Elfie, on her way from home to a party, meets characters who interact with the brand's products, clearly demonstrating their advantages.

Besides, according to all the canons of childhood cartoons, our heroine had to sing. We wrote the lyrics for the first musical in our practice ourselves.

2 weeks — preparation
1 day — shooting process 
1.5 months — postproduction // adding animals



In a 12-hour shift, we shot a full-fledged music video for 1.5 minutes in five locations. Now we have another example of how you can charmingly and unobtrusively tell the audience about casinos and betting.


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