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Video Production


The action is based on the well-known game mechanics with the participation of the stars of Lokomotiv, Krasnodar and Zenit

Three rival clubs in one promotion


Client’s request:
- Create an advertising campaign for the first half of the 2019-2020 Russian Premier League season;
- Make a video-announcement of the action;
- Increase the number of bets on matches involving partner clubs of the brand;
- Attract new customers and increase the average check.

Do not use the usual promotional mechanics and try something more complex, but at the same time understandable to the audience.

We have developed a mechanic based on the game "fantasy football", familiar to any sports fan — in it a person needs to assemble his own team from real players of any teams that will bring points.

The choice was limited to the players of the partner clubs of BC "1xStavka" and it was possible to include additional units in the team for betting on the matches of these clubs.

Without a single remark, we made the players spectacular in the frame, which reduced the production time by half.

Filming took place in 4 cities, all the characters were filmed separately, but thanks to high-quality post—production, only we know about it - in the video they are all collected in one location.


A significant increase in customer engagement proves that the promotion clearly hit the target audience.

- For the period of the promotion, the number of comments on the client's social networks exceeded the average by 30%;
- The average time spent by a campaign participant on the site compared to a regular client has increased by 60%;
- The average check increased by 9%;
- The number of bets on partner matches has increased by 13%;
- The number of registrations increased by 8% compared to the same period last year.


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