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Fantasy Football

Advertising campaign with FC "Zenit", "Krasnodar" and "Lokomotiv"

To develop the mechanics of the promo with the involvement of existing partners of the client’s brand: Lokomotiv, Zenit, Krasnodar, to increase the loyalty of the existing customer base and attract new ones

Marketing strategies


When developing an advertising campaign for BC 1xStavka for the first half of the 2019/20 RPL season, we wanted to move a little away from the usual game mechanics and try something more complex, but at the same time understandable for the audience.
The KPIs set by the client were: increasing the number of bets on matches involving brand partner clubs, attracting new customers and an increasing the average check. The basis of the mechanics was the fantasy football game, familiar to any sports fan - in this game, a person needs to assemble his own team from real players of any teams who will bring points. But in our case we limited the choice of the players of Lokomotiv, Zenit and Krasnodar - partner clubs of BC 1xStavka. And we made it possible to include additional units in the team for bets on matches of these clubs. 
As a result, the average time spent by promo participant on the website increased by 60% compared to regular customers, the average check increased by 9%, the number of bets on partner matches by 13%, and the number of registrations compared to the same period last year by 8%. And these are excellent results not only for the gambling industry.

To create and implement a product on the client’s site



In the commercial for the Fantasy Football promotion, we reached the apogee in working with football players - they are spectacular and cool in it, but they don’t say a single word. The production team breathed a sigh of relief when they saw the script, because if a footballer doesn’t need to speak in a shot, then the shooting time is halved, and there are noticeably fewer possible mistakes on the stage.
But according to the creative itself, the task was as follows. People who have played Fantasy Football at least once in their lives understand the essence of the promo and mechanics simply by having a look at the name. So the video was rather focused on those who had never played fantasy. Therefore, the advertising characters compete with each other, releasing their fantasy teams from pokeballs - a simple and clear reference for the core of the target audience of the client, because they just grew up on this animated series.

Dissemination of information about the action in the social customer network. Continuous heating of interest in this. Ensuring the established KPI



Social networks are not actually an advertising tool; they are an instrument of communication with the audience. So we see very clearly which products and promotions people like and which do not. This promotion gave a significant increase in customer engagement.They actively discussed the results of each round, shared their teams and strategies. During the period of the promo, the number of comments on 1xStavka social networks was 30% higher than usual, and this is a certain marker of the fact that the promo has got its audience.

Definition of a celebrity pool for filming a commercial and use in graphic materials. The formation of the prize pool. Conducting an online broadcast of the draw



The celebrity pool for the action targeted at the partner brand’s clubs was selected, obviously, from the clubs themselves. The only thing was to select the bright players, but without a negative background. And both in the past and in the nearest future. For example, we did not consider for participation in advertising football players whose contracts expire in the coming year. It is impossible to predict what will happen, but it is possible to minimize the risks competently. At the moment of shooting and launching the promo, when there is still a year left until the end of the contract, the relationship in the triangle club-football player-agent may be excellent, but when by the end of the campaign period there will be only six months, undesirable image losses may begin. Basing on the current budget, we selected 7 Kia Optima cars as a prize fund — these cars collected an excellent feedback after the promo while the 2018 World Cup, when together with BC 1xStavka we raffled off a whole hundred of Kia Optima cars. By analogy with the same campaign, a live broadcast of the debriefing and the logistics of delivering prizes to the winners were built. So everything went well.

Shooting of the promotion commercial video

Video Production


In this case, the main difficulty, if we may say so, was the post-production. The shootings were in 4 cities, each footballer and the main characters were shot separately, so the main point was to collect everything into one beautiful picture so that in the end everything looked like a movie shot in one location. So have a look, we really achieved what we wanted.Video Production


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