FrrFrr House, its stars and their fans



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FrrFrr House, its stars and their fans

Cat TikTok House?!

TikTok... TikTok House? Cat TikTok House?!

FrrFrr House, its stars and their fans

Buying a cat is boring.
Picking up a stray cat is scary.
What if you decide to become a cat fan, dream about a future with it, live together, love each other, and finally... to bask in the glory of a star cat for many years?

You may think, - 'What?', and let us show you.

There are a lot of cats in the world who are sad without family and families who are sad without cats. To unite the first with the second, humanity invented animal shelters. This decision solved the problem only partially. An animal, that was impulsively taken from a shelter / the street, often returns, but with a deep psychological trauma for life.

What can we do?

9 Pandas Production Center and Cosmopolitan came up with a solution!

Here it is:
The cat is sad in the animal shelter - the cat is making a career in TikTok House — the cat is living a beautiful life in a new loving family.

And that formula of success was shown in the FrrFrr House project — the first TikTok House, where content-makers cats (previously taken from a shelter) go straight to their families to their fans. Instead of pity, they cause admiration and desire to become a part of their happy feline life.
How does it all work?

How does it all work?

How cats live

Gorgeous living conditions!
FrrFrr House is equipped with climbing walls for every taste, comfortable scratching posts, cozy houses, and a separate dining room with delicious food. A veterinarian regularly watches the pet's health, and several project employees are watching the high standard of living.

World fame!
In FrrFrr House, cats are influencers with a lot of subscribers and likes. Seven cameras stream their lives around the clock, and funny videos go viral in TikTok and Reels. There are funny questionnaires on the project's website, where a unique image of each cat is created in a couple of sentences, its character and habits are described.

How does it work?
The FrrFrr House project allows you to learn everything about the cat in absentia: his activity level, personality traits, favorite activities, everything in general! In addition, a detailed interview will be conducted with each potential adoptive parent of a cat.
Having watched and fancied the cat, having studied it from and to, a person comes to pick up a pet, ready for living together, which is why the risk of a feline return becomes minimal.

FrrFrr House and a bright future
The success of the social work of the project and its development depend on the involvement of partner companies, which, like us, are inspired by the combination of cute cats, advanced content marketing, and business. And here is a visual diagram:
Cats generate content - content goes viral on recommendations - companies and brands watch content - companies and brands become partners of FrrFrr House - we make the world a little better together.

Tiktok cat is happiness in the family

Bonuses that you will receive by deciding to pick up the Tiktok cat

You will want to get better to match the level of your star cat.
Thanks to the live streams, you will be able to get into the cat's head, play with it, and, for example, hang a scratching post where the cat likes to claw.
Videos in the TikTok recommendations can do a lot, including convincing your landlord of the cat's need. He will understand that it is great luck and honor to provide his modest home for the needs of a star cat.
You will be able to join a brilliant feline career by starting a sequel channel about your life together.

Next is the opinion of one of the Tiktok cats, whose language we learned while watching good content:
"New technologies and advanced marketing (in this case represented by FrrFrr House) make business in the country socially significant, and it is very cool. By the way, I haven't eaten for 30 seconds.” (Sam. 1 year. 1.3kg)


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