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How 9 Pandas produced a commercial for BETWINNER

King of the mountain, D. Kahneman and two systems of thinking

How 9 Pandas produced a commercial for the betting company BETWINNER

Nobel laureate in economics D. Kahneman found that human perception of something and behavior are formed as a result of the interaction of two systems of thinking: system 1 (subconscious) and system 2 (consciousness). System 1 aims to implement the basic motivations of human behavior and their combinations: security, autonomy, and excitation while system 2 seeks to receive explicit rational gains. However, system 1 has the primary influence on the formation of human perception and behavior and because of this advertising messages implementing the implicit goals of system 1 are effective — a person, without realizing it falls in love with the brand and then mistakenly rationalizes this love as the result of his rational choice (Piaget J., 1973; Barden P. P., 2013). This is the story of how 9 Pandas produced a commercial for the betting company BETWINNER making the audience fall in love with the bookmaker by implementing an implicit goal of autonomy.

Marketing strategy

Dominance, superiority, testosterone and BETWINNER

Implicit goal of autonomy forms the desire to get a higher position in the hierarchy to achieve success, money, status and to emphasize and consolidate personal superiority (Hess W., 1942). In addition, it is characterized by a desire to compete, play and win — at the moment of winning the level of the hormone testosterone which is responsible for strength and dominance increases significantly (Zilioli S., Watson N. V., 2012). It is obvious that the implicit attitude to autonomy is most suitable for the marketing strategy of promoting bookmakers: the user who makes bets implicitly seeks to win, get money and increase their status in the hierarchy often without even realizing it. That's why we used one of the most striking metaphors for dominance for the BETWINNER betting company — a BETWINNER user stands on the top of a mountain made up of people who want to take user’s place, but can't because he is the main dominant alpha male with the highest level of testosterone. System 1 of the human brain reads the signals that it needs and increases the viewers’ desire to use BETWINNER products which they then start to rationalize as their decision.


Violent, rude and unusual form of advertising


CreativeViolent, rude and unusual form of advertising
This is a rather unusual and rare — at least I have not met — insight for the betting industry although it would seem that it lies on the surface: «don't listen to others and make your own decisions». This insight is constantly used in clothing and other industries where there is an emphasis on individuality and it is quite trendy now.
We wanted to set ourselves apart from the competitors. Even in the remarks of people initially there were phrases like «don't bet», «bet with another bookmaker», but we later abandoned them.
The form of expression is violent, crude and unusual for advertising which increases the distance from the standard message of the industry to the client. Yes, this is very experimental, but I am sure that this will play on the memorability of the product.


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