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Video Production

ESL // 1xBet // CS:GO

How to promote a large partnership in the cyber segment

It's just his job

On the edge: balaclavas, bets, humor, and empathy

1xBet has become the "official betting partner" of the ESL tournament operator— one of the top esports organizations in the world. On the occasion of the beginning of the companies’ joint work on the promotion and development of the gaming industry, we shot a video. It was necessary to develop a concept that accurately and conveys the brand's message, in which betting and esports can organically coexist.
There is an amount of the same type of advertising in the esports segment, which causes rejection among viewers and players. We decided to talk to the audience in its language, showing the interaction of the heroes of the most popular platform games and real life.

One click is simple.
But have you ever wondered how much everything depends on one click?
One click can bring a resounding victory to an esports player or allow a player to become the owner of a big jackpot with the right bet.
With the "One click" concept, we have united the esports audience and BC players, revealing an important key point for both sides.
"One click" is a one-click registration, the main tool of an esports player, as well as a delicate promotion of quick bets.

To attract an esports audience, we used the iconic game of all time, whose landscapes and visuals many people remember since childhood.
We fulfilled the brand's task and, within the framework of the TOR, told the touching story of one weekday CS:GO hero.

It's just his job. It's a difficult job, and he loves simple things so much. Adding humor and kindness, we revealed the character from an unexpected side in very short timekeeping, created a charming image, and aroused positive emotions in the viewer.

Explosion and black holes

Video Production

For the first scene, we chose a CS:GO Overpass map. As we thought, it was not easy to recreate the location (find a similar overpass). Why complicate it? The fact is that only on this map in the masks of the characters there are slits for the mouth. The faces of almost all the characters in the video were hidden under balaclavas, so we came up with light schemes and angles so that the masks, which practically exclude acting, did not look like black holes. Our task was to reveal the main character, make him charming and lively, and even in such conditions we achieved our goal.

By the way, the explosion in the first scene is real. We refined and strengthened it in post-production. Also, it looked quite impressive already on the site!

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