Money tale



Partnership agreements

Money tale

FK "Liverpool", "Chelsea" and "Barcelona"

To conclude customer contracts with three new partners: Barcelona, Liverpool and Chelsea

Partnership agreements


Football clubs, especially if they are the grandees of the top European championships, are not just teams, they are entire corporations, which are quite difficult to cooperate with, especially if you don’t know how.
Our experience in concluding and accompanying such cases allowed us to negotiate with all three clubs in a fairly short time for such a volume of work - a little less than a year. The announcement of the start of 1xBet cooperation with each club managed to take place before the start of the new Premier League and La Liga season. 

To realize the presence of video and graphic materials on the maximum possible number of sites

Digital marketing


We perfectly understood that this advertisement was unique in its kind and made every effort to distribute it. We quickly gained a lot of views - many specialized sites and publications posted a video in which three the most famous clubs of the world appeared at the same time. But what struck us was the number of positive comments from ordinary users. In the gambling segment, this is a rare phenomenon. All games associated with risk, as a rule, collect a negative response, but “our grandfather” melted the hearts of a very complex and peculiar audience. As a result, this advertising campaign has made a significant contribution to building a positive image of the 1xBet brand worldwide.

Within a creative concept, to combine the client's brand and the brands of three partner clubs competing with each other on the European football scene



We had 3 partner clubs, 1 customer, 4 creative teams, 2 continuously working coffee machines and deadlines ... They drove us crazy. 
There were a little more than 3 months before the start of cooperation, and during this time it was necessary to work out a creative concept for developing a customer’s brand, prepare key visuals, write and go through the coordination of three videos with the customer and each partner club, shoot the video and air the advertisement. All videos had to be unusual, unique and meet the terms of use of the partner clubs’ brands. The task is actually not an easy one. But managed to ... no, not to solve, but to complicate it even more.

At one of the brainstorms, a colleague from our team proposed the idea:
- Why don't we shoot all three clubs in one video?
- But these clubs are the grandees of world football, they have their own powerful brands, a well-developed policy, and, in addition, they are the worst rivals in the Champions League. Nobody has done this before. They simply will not agree.
- So maybe no one did it before, not because the brands did not agree, but because no one even asked?

Understanding that if we want to persuade the clubs to star in a joint video, it should be deprived of any mention of sports rivalry, not to stir up fan activities in any way, and still remain an advertisement for the 1xBet betting company. Basing on these parameters, the concept of the story has been created. It was such a kind of story that is told in an insinuating voice at night, by the fire in a scout camp, wrapping themselves in rugs and interrogating in an undertone. That was a story that the boys listen to because the girls went to bed a long time ago. A story that is nice to remember.
Clubs liked this approach. We guessed right with the possible pitfalls and bypassed them in advance, saving money and time for all participants in the process.

To shoot commercials for each of the partner clubs for contract activation

Video Production


When the script was ready, it took a lot of time to find an actor for the role of the main character. He was supposed to be exceptionally kind, a character that evoked only positive emotions. His story was expected to arouse the desire to listen to it again and again, to smile, but not because it is funny, but simply because of his kindness. We found him in the UK. And as soon as we saw Jim’s showreel, we realized that he is the one we were looking for. Everything we still had to do is to deal with the players.

When shooting footballers, there are two appreciable difficulties:
1. Very short shooting time. Football players are superstars, and their main job is to play football and bring sports results. Everyone understands that shooting in advertising is necessary, but nobody will devote a lot of time for this. Liverpool and Chelsea provided 40 minutes and 5 players from the team. Barcelona - 20 minutes and 5 players. It was clear that we could not shoot everything in the same place and time. Shooting took place in 4 cities.
2. Football players are not actors. It is impossible to demand pronouncing long sentences and emotional wagering from them. But our creatives face such difficulties not for the first time, therefore, in the final video, all the players spoke and played, but in fact, each of them took no more than one second, and on the stage we were able to figure out with each one in a couple of minutes.

On the shooting, we had no right to make a mistake - no one would give a retake a failed shot, and if so, then there simply would not be enough time. Therefore, in the process of preparation, dozens of pre-shoots were shot with actors who were identical in terms of size, skin color, hairstyles and even eye color to the agreed players. We knew in advance the size of the rooms in which the shooting would take place and built copies of them in our pavilion so that on the stage each movement of each member of the crew was verified to a millimeter. It was like a ballet. And its premiere went flawlessly.


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