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Video Production

«That you won»

«That you won». Or how to film an advertisement for Euro-2020 which will definitely be cool for everyone

Waiting for the start


Before the start of major sport events, bookmakers traditionally ask the agencies for the most mass advertisement. It is shown for large auditions during competitions and the video must be liked by all fans. 
Such kind of advertisement 9 Pandas filmed to the beginning of Euro-2020 for BC 1xBet.

Goals, creative concept


  • Tasks

1. Film a video for rotation in the Net on the European Football Championship.

2. Show in the video the involvement of each fan to the big football feast and to translate the message of people integration from different countries, cultures and social levels around the football.

3. Pick suitable music up — to ensure the continuity with previous world-wide advertising works of the brand through the firm drumbeat of 1xBet.

4. Adapt  the video fro translating almost on all world languages - advertisement geo includes CIS countries, Africa, Europe and Latin America. 

  • Creative concept

9 Pandas together with FMT.JETLAG production developed the creative concept «That you won». In which advertising videos were created in timing 15 and 30 seconds, including memorable visual series, original soundtrack and easter eggs, that were associated with previous sport events. 

The concept of the video is based on two main emotions, that are known by all sport fans: concerns for favourite team and incredible joy of its win. Every character in the video feels these emotions. It units all fans in one big team that has only one aim  - to win. 

To show the unity of people around football, characters of the video break «fourth wall» and speak directly to the viewers. It makes the effect of presence and lets the audience feel as participants of the football feast.

Hidden message


There are several hidden messages and references in the video to incredible events from football and bets world. One of them happened most recently. Player 1xBet from Kazakhstan, who is named Mukhazhan, got express from 44 matches — in a number of past years — and he won more than 879 mil of tenge and that is more than 2 mil dollars. Jubilant Kazakh on the horse symbolises  specifically lucky Mukhazhan.

Another location from the video — fire department — refers to devoted fans of Croatian national team, who were celebrated for greater devotion at the last World Cup. Hearing the alarm signal, the crew of Croatian firemen rushed from their seats without watching the coup de grace in the penalty against Russia, that took their team into the semi-final of the 2018 World Cup. That’s really something that people estimated among the whole world. 

Finally — the drum of the traffic controller —  a long-standing symbol of 1xBet from the most famous advertisement of the bookmaker. And that is a constant satellite for fans around the stadium. Drumbeat sets the overall musical rhythm which is a common concept of drive, dynamics and sport competition and often used in advertising communication 1xBet.


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