The best time



Video Production

The best time

The best time to win the BC Fonbet tender for advertisement before Euro-2020

Before the start EURO-2020

Advertisement for FONBET

BC Fonbet organized closed tendering in developing creative concepts for long-term 360 degrees campaign. «The tip of the iceberg» was the production of two videos for Euro-2020: OLV(with people) and TVC(without them) — having timing in 30 seconds with following fragments in 10, 15 and 20 seconds. The main advantage could be advertisement universality for using it after the tournament. 

Deciding to do something bold is easier, when you understand

The best moment – right now

9 Pandas won the tender by offering creative ideas to the client — «The best time». And in cooperation with Mishki Co production, they filmed an advertisement which was in rotation during the UEFA Champions Leaguefinal.

How to get a tender offer with no chance to refuse?

What’s behind the creative idea

Creative director

We were glad to get an offer of participating in close tendering from BC Fonbet. Thanks to our cases and rich experience of working with other bookmakers.
Developers who created four ideas to a problem that could become a major advertising campaign. Fonbet chose the best — «The best time». 

The idea is plain and simple but no less effective with it.
Everything has its best time. UEFA EURO 2020 — great event, during which people start to watch sport. It is the best time now to make your first bet in Fonbet!

Creative decides several tasks at the same time:

  • involving new clients;

  • easing of first-bet barriers;

  • building emotional bond with a client;

  • demonstration of the Russian national football team sponsorship;

  • advertising campaign to Euro-2020;

  • universal communication that can be used at every moment

Video Production

The time to film the best advertising video

Creative director of Mishki Co.

When we are together with 9 Pandas started to work on tender offer from Fonbet, it was clear that we had global, complicated task. When we won the tender, it became clear that there are plenty of things behind.

We had several stages of work:

  • presentation and defending of the concept to the client;

  • future renegotiating of 50 different versions of video;

  • several days of scouting and casting of actors;

  • communication to the Russian national football team;

  • moving to various climatic zones to film a video;

  • conducting choirs with the voice of men,women and children;

  • adaptation of the video to “friendly republics”;

  • voice-over.

After a long lasting and difficult discussion, the Russian team provided Barinov, Karavaev and Zabolotny to the video «Starship Troopers». We filmed several episodes at stadiums and football boxes of Moscow. To get an inspirational video sequence, we moved on a business trip to the sea and mountains. 

The fragment of flying kite – from there. We were running for it by a pickup on a mountain serpentine. We fixed the bike in the body, to the back wheel of which we tied a twine with a kite. The pickup again and again covered the same part of a road and we we were trying to catch needed part of a mountain and flying kite around it in a single frame. 

During the searching for a suitable soundtrack, we sorted plenty of variants: we asked for a composer, invited singers and musicians. As a result, we decided to put the music by ourselves. We organized the choir that consisted of 8 children’s voices, 7 men’s and 5 women’s. And that gave us needed emotional intensity. After combining and mastering we got an ideal sound for this video. 

Fragments in 10, 15, 20 and 30 seconds gave different feelings and emotions. But all videos were live – having various sequences of scenes and, accordingly, copyright – in many ways due to right communication with a client. Also we adapted videos for translations in Belorussia and Kazakhstan.  We got more than 50 versions of the advertisement as a result.

The most pleasant thing after such kind of work is to switch the top football match on and watch our own work in the break of the main match of this club season. We are glad to see our work in prime-time of major football events around the world.


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