"1xBet & Eva Elfie" - a new project from 9 Pandas agency



Video Production

1xBet & Eva Elfie

Announcement videos of the new ambassador

Where could they have seen her…

How to introduce a person whom everyone already knows perfectly well?

Client’s request:
- to shoot a series of announcement videos with the new ambassador of 1xBet – porn star Eva Elfie.
- to come up with an idea that is easy to implement in order to have time to shoot videos in a very short time: 1.5 weeks for pre-production and 8 hours for shooting.

In order not to fall into vulgarity and cliches, announcing cooperation with a porn star, we decided to create videos based on humor — to show light and charming stories in which Eva is recognized because she is the new ambassador of 1xBet.

We had exactly 8 hours to produce three commercials, pack shots, and a photo shoot. To shoot each frame — no more than 20 minutes. There was no time to rearrange the equipment and light at all.

In order to do everything in time, we picked up the most operational film crew, invited an already well-established tandem of director and cameraman to the project, found a universal location, placed almost the entire shooting during daylight hours to minimize the movement of equipment, and carried out many processes on the set simultaneously.

Detailed preparation, minute-by-minute planning, and incredibly well-coordinated work of the team allowed us to 100% complete all the tasks in such tight deadlines.
Charming and funny videos went viral on social networks and were liked not only by the subscribers of Eva and 1xBet, but also by the audience of major advertising and entertainment channels.


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